Heavenly Flight  Aerial ash scatterings of cremated remains over Arizona
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Heavenly Flight is committed to ensuring your loved one has a personalized and private aerial memorial. The basic scattering has everything you need but for those who want a more personalized touch, there are several options that can be added on.

Basic Scattering - $400:

-       Personalized scattering over designated location (see basic scattering locations)

-       8 x 10 memorial certificate with date, time and place

-     Filing of all necessary paperwork as governed by state and federal regulations

-      Permit fees for scattering location
Scattering will take place within 30 days of receiving ashes 




Additional Options:

-          Premium scattering locations - $150

-          Additional 8 x 10 memorial certificate - $20

-          Flowers to accompany the ashes - $50

-          Return of cremation container - $40

-          Playing of music of your choice during scattering - $50

-          Addtional scattering in same location - $150

-          Specific date and time of scattering - $100


 Veteran’s receive 10% discount off all services


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