Heavenly Flight  Aerial ash scatterings of cremated remains over Arizona
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About Us

Heavenly Flight is a family-owned and operated business providing aerial ash scatterings over memorial landscapes. Eric Kohler and Sonya Quisenberry founded Heavenly Flight after the death of their father.  He died tragically in a plane crash in Alaska. After years of contemplating what to do with his remains, they decided to scatter them in a way that symbolized the free spirit which he possessed – by air. Having felt the peace and serenity the aerial scattering provided them, they decided to offer the same service to others.

Eric Kohler is a third generation pilot and has been flying since age 13. Sonya’s husband, Steve Quisenberry, is also a licensed pilot.  Don Roberts is licensed pilot and serves as pilot and chief of maintenance.  Together, they perform the ash scatterings so those who are grieving the loss of their loved one can experience the same type of peace they have come to know.


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